EA tweets about Skate 4, internet shits itself

I love my mondays off. I’m over here in a thermal long sleeve that I haven’t taken off since yesterday morning, pounding a large iced coffee to force my brain cells to start moving, and stuffing an ice-cold breakfast burrito into my face since I fell asleep while eating the first half in bed. I’m afraid to take my UGG slippers off because I’m sure the smell alone would fog up my iMac’s screen. Anyway, here’s some gaming news.

This past weekend, Daniel Lingen – EA’s community manager – tweeted a single hashtag, and the internet went berserk.

The tweet’s already collected over 20,000 likes and 11,000 RTs, most likely proving whatever office bet the EA staff had about whether or not fans wanted another sequel to EA’s phenomenal “skate.” first released back in 2007. The last entry, Skate 3, was released in 2010 and didn’t do nearly as well as the first two games in the series. That being said, Skate 3 is still one of the most highly requested games for Xbox One backwards compatibility according to GameCentral.

There’s no doubt that there’s a demand for a new Skate game, and if there’s one thing we should all know about EA, its that they’re not afraid to cash in when there’s any hint of interest from anyone. Shit, even the janitor at EA’s main offices could be like “man, we need a Mass Effect card battler” and EA would have one released for iOS within eight months with DLC planned for it over the following three years.

Maybe I’m just projecting.

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