Upper Deck is Finally Selling Call of Duty League Cards

Upper Deck is finally releasing Call of Duty League trading cards. Now I know what you’re thinking…Finally? Well the Upper Deck Esports twitter has been talking up Call of Duty cards for the past year with only “Game Dated Moments” cards to show so far. WTF are these game dated moments cards?? Basically they showcase a player who had a great play to secure a map either in a league match or major tournament. There’s no stats, rarity, or anything of the nature of standard trading cards. The back tells a story of how the player impacted the game for the victory. They’d be available to purchase for maybe a week tops, and was never advertised. You can find most of these moments on ebay for right around the MSRP of $10 a card.

Front / Back

So let’s get those cards out of our minds, and we’ll talk lowdown for the mission at hand. This weekend at Major I, you’ll be able to purchase a blaster box of the Call of Duty League 2021 Trading Cards at the event only. According to the picture, the box will contain 7 packs, with 11 cards in each pack, and no guarantees. Retail will most likely be between $20-25. And you’ll be potentially find some blaster exclusives. On the side of the box you can see that we’re getting cards from Season 1, as well as Season 2 for the CDL. The games being Modern Warfare & Cold War. Kind of strange we’re getting a mix of 2 seasons in which neither was the most recent, but it must begin before progress can be made.

Blaster boxes available on site this coming weekend, check. What about everyone else? Upper Deck has stated the blasters & also hobby boxes will be available on Upper Deck’s website on December 21st. Now details haven’t been officially released via Upper Deck for the hobby boxes, but there are listings available on hobby shop sites Steel City Collectibles and Dave & Adams Card World. The listings potentially show what we could expect with each box: 10 packs total, 15 cards in each pack. 10 cards will be base set players, maps, checklists, etc. The other 5 will be your different inserts of matches, rivalries, awards, champs, different holo patterns, or maybe even memorabilia inserts. On average, a hobby box should contain: 2 autographs, 1 dominated die-cut, and 1 operator anaglyph parallel per box. There is always a chance you could get much more, or even a little less, but it’s the best of a guarantee there is. MSRP for these boxes look to be just under $100. Again, no official details have been posted by Upper Deck.

All of the info gathered has been from the Upper Deck accounts & the listings on Steel City and Dave & Adams websites. Feel free to check those out to see for yourself. Below will be the images from those sites on the possible pulls you could receive from the box. Personally, I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of hobby boxes, and hopefully can get a friend going to the Major I to pick me up a blaster as well. In the next few days I’m going to put a list together for some of the best cards we can only hope to see in the set.


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