LT. LICKME Might Be the BEST Thing YouTube Has Ever Seen

Yea maybe I’m late to the party, I like to call it fashionably late. BUT… This dude LT. LICKME is the dogs balls. Just absolutely serving justice on a silver platter to this little shit bags over the internet. This is what we need though, a knight in shining armor with creativity that you read about. Scaring the excrement out of people because they have done wrong, and breaks them down until they start crying for mama.

Everyone has big balls over the internet and it’s nice to have someone coming around and putting people in check. And it’s not even that he is doing it over a Yo Mama joke, he’s actually handling some pretty big issues like abuse and bullying. People are in on the action to knock on doors and shut lights off. Hell, I’d be filling my undies if I ever had to deal with LT. (please don’t). He is standing for something awesome and I recognize you for that.

He also makes some funny ass “steal yo girl videos” where someone’s significant other calls him over Xbox and they get into it about the victim. Sends bitches in an UPROAR. I never fail to die laughing over these videos.

Check out LT.LICKME’s YouTube channel here— I promise you will love it.


A little preview to wet the beak

Cheers LT. LICKME, please do not haunt me *insert 100 emoji*

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