Mario RPG fans Rejoice as Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Remake Is Announced

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door is being remade for the Nintendo Switch! The big, red gaming company has been on a roll lately! As they bring back and remaster old games from their catalog, Mario games have been no exception. One might say that they’ve been on an RPG game kick. This remake seems to be incredibly faithful to the original GameCube release. Similar to the Super Mario RPG remake which is releasing on November 17th. This RPG title in particular is loved by fans for its unique character designs. Compared to other Mario games, it has a certain treatment of common enemies that most others don’t add.

The Gamecube classic returns with all-new HD visuals, and all it’s former glory. This original cardboard and paper cutout game holds turn-based RPG combat and entails some puzzle platform mechanics. As a retro favorite, prices of the original GameCube disk with its case have been selling for around $90 on eBay. Hopefully, this release can bring some solace to fans who want to either relive or experience the game for the first time, without breaking the bank! Nintendo has been nailing these retro releases lately to bring more people to the games that made them a giant in the first place.

Will this set a foundation for new Mario RPG games in the future? Perhaps a Mario & Luigi game comeback? Or maybe an entirely new RPG series for the red-capped mustache man! With Super Mario RPG on the horizon as well, maybe this sets a precedent going forward for more RPGs in the future! Look forward to Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door in 2024! Check out Papa Dom’s thoughts on the remake for that here on Wicked Good Gaming!


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