Ubisoft Turns 30, Gives Away Good Stuff

To celebrate Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary, The Ubisoft Club is offering you seven digital PC games. Every month a new game will be revealed and free to download. Then it is yours to keep!
Hurry up, the game is available for a limited time. Just register here with your Uplay account. -Ubisoft

How about that huh? Ubisoft coming through with the goods for its own damn birthday. This is like going to your friends’ birthday party that you’ve known for a while, except he’s so happy to see you that he tells you to keep your money and he showers you with gifts instead. This is the rich kid you’re glad you made friends with because they’ve got goodie bags at all their parties that are worth more than whatever last minute gift you grabbed them at the dollar store on the way to the party.

Ubi’s not sticking us with some third-rate bullshit either. They’re not gonna be that friend that sticks you with the bootleg third-party controller that smells like cigs and cat shit and has one of the analog sticks chewed off. Nah. Ubi’s throwing you, me, and everyone else who’s signed up for Club Ubisoft SEVEN free games to be distributed until November. Ubi started last month with the original Prince of Persia, and is following it up with Splinter Cell right now.

So happy birthday, Ubisoft. You look beautiful for 30 (I totally would). For everyone else, you can take advantage of this sick offer right here, and as long as you’ve got a PC and a uPlay or Ubisoft Club account you’ll be golden. Grab a birthday card at CVS on your way over, and tell em Papa Dom sent ya.

Papa Dom

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