People Have to Chill Out About The Xbox Series X Logo

Microsoft trademarked a new Xbox Series X related logo just a few days ago. See that word I put in there, a Xbox Series X RELATED logo. Because we don’t even know what it’s for yet. Here it is.

Woke up this morning, popped open Twitter, and lo and behold Twitter was still going wild about how Xbox ruined their logo and all that jazz. First of all, chill the fuck out. A logo isn’t a reason to not buy a console, and if it is for you, seek help. It’s just an entry way for Sony fanboys to swoop in, and make fun of the logo. Even though they have no leg to stand on with new gen logos.

Microsoft also filed a trademark for a similar S, back in 2017.

We don’t know if this logo is going to be on a console in the first place because Microsoft hasn’t even confirmed it. For all we know it’s just going to go on the side of game cases and on t-shirts. If you want my guess? I think these logos are going on the hardware itself to differentiate the models. The familiar Xbox symbol will be placed on the left side of the series model.

And in my opinion, it’ll look clean af. The slick, minimalist approach is what is in. And these fall right into that. And even if it doesn’t, who cares. As long as their exclusives are good I’ll support it.

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