Streamer Shoots Loaded Gun By Accident During Twitch Stream

SoaR Carl has been banned from Twitch and let go from his organization for firing a loaded gun at his desk last night. I thought I’ve seen it all, but I guess not.

SoaR put out a statement regarding the incident.

Let me start off by saying, luckily getting let go from your organization and being banned from Twitch is all that happened. What if someone was sitting next to him? Or what if the gun was being aimed at himself? Just fucking think. Think about yourself and those around you. I don’t want to hear the defense about him drinking and yadda yadda. Because there is no excuse for this stupidity. It doesn’t matter if you thought the magazine was emptied, that’s how so many gun incidents happen. It shouldn’t have been on his person in the first place better yet on stream.

It’s just a bad look. I’m glad everyone is ok, but it’s still something I thought i’d never see. “Say I ain’t got money..” well, you better hope another org signs you, and Twitch unbans you.. because you might actually be saying you ain’t got no money if neither happens.

Edit: SoaR Carl has posted a statement via Twitter video

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