Young Love Found on Fortnite. How To Get The Egirl of Our Dreams

Doing my normal Twitter browsing this morning I came across a beautiful, yet hilarious video. A boy and a girl, just gallivanting the snowy streets of Craggy Cliffs. It was what seemed to be another night. What they didn’t know is that life was about to change forever. He was going to become her eboy, and she was about to become his egirl.

My man really dropped the I love you 8 seconds into the relationship. High risk high reward. And he secured the I love you too. Brought a tear to me eye. I was on the edge of my seat during that suspenseful pause. This must have been eating him alive the whole day. The squad hyping him up at lunch time over some choccy milk and chicken patties.. You can do it Bryce, you can do it. Then, the homie gets home and puts on a clinic for us on how to hook your egirl. Bravo champ. Bravo.

“Dad, how did you and Mom meet?”
“Well son, I was low on metal and she dropped me half of hers. At that point, I knew she was the one. Now, time to go to bed Jonesy “

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