BREAKING NEWS: Former McDonald’s Chef Mike Haracz To Taste Test New Wendy’s Breakfast Items

In what seems like a world that never stops getting crazier, former McDonald’s Chef and certified Twitter guy Mike Haracz has been introduced in a new promotional partnership with Wendy’s. Take a look for yourself:

Unreal. First the Verizon Guy goes to Sprint, and now we have Chef Mike joining forces with Wendy’s. I’m not gonna lie though, that sandwich does look unreal. Will I try it? Absolutely.

For those not up on their internet chef history, it wasn’t long ago that Chef Mike exploded onto the Twitter streets, and he’s been grinding to get his social media profiles up ever since. He’s appeared on Rooster Teeth, and we’re still trying to get him on our podcast (my DM’s are still open, Mike) – but a big twist came just a few months back, when Chef Mike became a free agent:

Like a moth to a flame, the companies would surely come calling to Chef Mike, right? Of course they did. The former McGriddle GAWD is now being put to the test by Wendy’s themselves, and it looks like on 3/2 we’ll finally get an answer on whether or not McDonald’s has been dethroned as the worldwide leaders in incredible (and fast) breakfast food.

Who’s got the supreme sausages? Who’s the undisputed heavyweight hash brown champion? We’ll find out on 3/2 what Mike thinks, and I’ll absolutely weigh in on my own the next time I’m morbidly hungover and in need of fast food breakfast.

Oh, and Chef Mike – if you want to come on Spotify’s #1 gaming podcast and discuss this, you know who to call.

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