I’ve Literally Never Been Interested In Fortnite Until Right Now

Being completely honest here, I absolutely hated the Fortnite and Avengers crossover. I thought Thanos being in the game was silly, while I figured that a game as massive as Fortnite didn’t really need any extra publicity – I later realized that it was probably Marvel that made out better on that deal. This past week, it looks like the very same thing is happening with Star Wars.


On top of this, Fortnite’s addition of lightsabers to the game during their Star Wars event has people dueling one another… Hilarity has ensued.

Oh, and Luke Skywalker himself is going to be playing Fortnite with Ninja this Thursday. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong or have a seizure mid-sentence – welcome to 2019, folks.

So yeah, I can’t say Fortnite’s ever really been my thing, but if you’re asking me if I want to go swing a lightsaber around like a moron for a few rounds and inevitably get killed in under a minute? The answer is absolutely the fuck yes.

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