Clash Royale IRL?

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!  Dr. Bob coming to you live with the first ever In Real Life Clash of Clans.  When I say Clash of Clans, I of course mean two members of the same clan bickered over politics and are taking things to the absolute next level with live fistacuffs.  Friend of WGG, Steve “Bare Knuckle Brawling” Ciambelli will be taking on the liberal-mamba, 01_03_04_15.

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We at Wicked Good Gaming have been asked to cover this event which will be held at Lawton Boxing Gym in Lawrence, MA.  Prep your hog riders and make your way down to the event and be a part of history alongside our ring side correspondents, Chris “Pinkeye” Palladino and Dracula Dom Mahoney who will be commentating live.  Hey maybe we can even start a Gaming Rage Fight organization for all of those gamers out there who get a little pent up playing certain video games.  IF I HAVE TO DEAL WITH ANOTHER GAME OF LEAGUE WITH PEOPLE DC’ING OR FEEDING I WILL ENTER MYSELF IN THE NEXT EVENT AND RIP SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF.  Sorry about that. Anyway, stay tuned for more upcoming information on this historic event, and make sure to check out our podcast, Not Another Gaming Podcast, because I am sure this will be brought up extensively this week.

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