PAX East 2017: The Experience From A First-Timer’s Perspective

So anyone who follows us knows that this was my first time at PAX. Leading up to it I had such high expectations and I knew that this show was going to be the tits. Was I right? Oh I was right. Of course when you’re a degenerate like I am you picture a video game convention to be a bunch of chooches running around smelling like shit dressed as their favorite cartoon. Was I right? Oh I was right. But it is like smelling a Sharpie, and you just can’t get enough regardless if your eyes are watering and you are having trouble walking straight.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.07.05 PM

The place was jam packed. Thank Christ we got to go in before the crowd got huge(sick brag?). We met some great people and played some sick games. I am such a FPS junkie so when got the opportunity to play a few on display I was happier than a pig in shit. My favorite being Quake Champions. Did I top frag? I did. I couldn’t be stopped like a puppy on his favorite stuffed bear. I know I would have loved Mass Effect but me being the model citizen I am, had to go home at 12:30 PM on Saturday due to being a little “under the weather”.


All and all I had a fucking blast. The after party was awesome and Laugh Boston did such a great job. I met some awesome people and I had a great time with my Co-Founds and Co-Degenerates. An overall win for WGG (besides throwing up Friday night).

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