Friend Saves Friends Life in a Different Country All Because of Voice Chat

It was a normal night for a couple e-friends. Grinding away a game, having a good time, and chopping it up over voice chat. Dia Lathora, who lives in the US, suspected that her partner, Aidan Jackson, in the UK, might be having a medical emergency. Lathora managed to get in touch with Jackson’s local public safety to get them to check on Aidan. This medical emergency turned out to be Jackson having a seizure.

Aidan’s parents were downstairs and had no idea anything was going on until the flashing lights pulled up to the house. Aidan was found upstairs, and brought to the hospital for immediate care. Aidan is ok, and back playing with a friend that potentially saved his life.

The World: video games cause violence

I’m a broken record at this point, but another gold star for the gamers around the world. There isn’t much info about if these friends have ever met in real life, or if this relationship started digital and remained digital. If they never met in person I will personally start the petition to make it happen. This is the news I needed to see today. Way to step up and act quickly when something seems off. All because of the beauty of friends, video games, and an open mic.

Dia Lathora, you are a hero.

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