SSX Tricky Remaster Incoming?

If you are an avid Not Another Gaming Podcast listener then 1. You’re handsome and 2. You’ll surely know we talk about bringing back long lost gems all the fucking time specifically Tony Hawk and SSX. In this current age where there are hardly ever any new and unique gaming IPs, remasters and remakes overwhelm the market. As great as all of the Resident Evil remakes are, I think we can all agree we’d love to see Capcom take on a new IP. We grew up in the hay day of extreme sports gaming with ATV Off Road, Tony Hawk, SSX, and the criminally underrated BMX XXX. You know, the one where you can be a naked pro BMX rider? Yeah it was great and not because it was mechanically superior. Just like the tease of Tony Hawk coming back as a remaster/remake, there have been rumors that SSX Tricky may finally be making a current gen comeback.

BMX XXX Screenshot 16 - PlayStation 2 - The Gamers' Temple
Fuck it, bring BMX XXX back too

SSX was the snowboarding game for the slobs like myself who could hit a jump or rail and land with a 75% chance of breaking an ankle or straining a ligament. Not only could I virtually live out tricks that I’d never be able to do, but the game was so unrealistic that one could perform tricks NO PRO could ever do. How many people have you seen 1080 back flip kick flip a snowboard off an 80 foot jump? Rhetorical question it’s 0. It is the epitome of unrealistic extreme sports, and nothing was better than split screening a race with the boys in Marc “The Shark’s” basement in the middle of a nor’easter, packing lips at 2am. It is a classic franchise that was given the traditional EA treatment as EA BIG was dissolved into other teams. Our favorite snowboardng franchise just melted away.

SSX Tricky' could be getting remastered, according to game's ...

According to SSX Tricky’s game producer, Steven Rechtschaffner, god I hope I spelled that right, a remaster is absolutely possible. In an interview with LADbible, he stated the SSX 3 port to Xbox One went over really well. He also went on to state how he has “contemplated what it would mean, whether to remaster or even reboot the series”. Steven has now founded SuperNatural games, however the intellectual property is still held with SSX and EA so it would inevitably be up to them. It seems as though he agrees that there is a clear desire to bring the series back in any way. The current generation of fans are thriving off nostalgia at the moment and there is a huge gap in the industry for extreme sports games. We’ve seen teases for a revival in the Tony Hawk franchise and as Zoltan Bob, I can tell you safely, that if it goes over well, we will be seeing an SSX comeback too. My knees can’t take strapping back up in real life, please EA, just give me this.

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