Head Into The Weekend With MLB The Show 2021’s Intro Cinematic

Before you say something – yes, I know its Sunday. But I’m on vacation, so weekends don’t exist right now. Besides – who couldn’t use some weekend hype on a Sunday to keep the vibes high?

Maybe its the Red Sox being good again, maybe its because I’m on vacation and in a generally good mood, or maybe its that I’m gonna be playing it for free as an Xbox Game Pass subscriber – but I’m stoked for MLB The Show this year.

Adding to this hype is this incredibly fresh intro cinematic from the beginning of the game, featuring some sound bytes from the eternally excellent Don Orsillo.

This intro is just absolutely drenched in west coast swagger, and honestly I feel like if Major League Baseball actually hired the team who puts together these cinematics and hype reels, they’d have a much better time of getting new people into baseball in the first place.

Don Orsillo’s commentary is of course absolutely electric, and we get basically a wrestling superstar-worthy titantron reel for cover athlete Fernando Tatis Jr. All around, unreal stuff and I can’t wait to play it when I get home.

Now, if you need me, I’m going to the beach and working on my tan… And my buzz.

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