This Blog Was Going To Be Called “Fallout’s TV Show Better Not Suck” (Now We Know It Looks Sick)

Amazon’s Prime Video has a lot of great shows. It also has a ton of absolute stinkers. I really want Fallout, the first-ever live action series based on a Bethesda title, to fall into the former category and not the latter. See, just look at the former title of this blog before the trailer released!

I was going to write this blog all about my expectations for the show, but now we know it’s gonna be awesome.

In case you missed it earlier this week, Vanity Fair posted an exclusive first look at the new series, and I’d be lying if I said the images they’ve shown off didn’t make it move. It reminds me of the Halo Paramount+ series – what with it’s super vibrant landscapes and extremely faithful character and prop designs – but it seems like Fallout will be taking a different route from Halo by telling an all-new story set in the iconic post-apocalyptic universe that is a part of the established canon already.

Fallout, just like The Elder Scrolls, has some insanely deep and interwoven stories that have been told in its world over the years. The Elder Scrolls even has an employee whose job it is to maintain the world’s lore throughout the games. So it’s no surprise that the Fallout series will be considered “canon” and won’t be stomping over any events that have already transpired. There’s plenty of ground to cover in the post-war world, and even more regions and cities we haven’t seen after the bombs fell. This show will take place in Hollywood I think, and I’m pumped to see how it turns out.

I’ve got nothing else on the subject. Can’t wait to watch Fallout when it drops on Prime Video in 2024!

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