343 Industries Announces Esports Engine As The Global Management Partners For HCS

343 Industries’ lead esports producer, Tahir Hasandjekic, issued an update on the future of Halo Infinite esports today. Here’s the full announcement:

In the full blog, 343 goes on to say that they’re looking forward to implementing together a “thriving ecosystem for all players, teams, and partners to flourish in”, and that they plan to drop a full 12 month esports roadmap before Halo Infinite releases.

The goal here is clear: to build the greatest esports program in Halo’s storied history. But who is Esports Engine, and why is this a big deal? 

Esports Engines’ own website details that they’re the same team that “took MLG from inception in 2002 to acquisition in 2016, leading the industry in innovation and execution”.  They now work with developers to put together and manage programming, produce live events and sets, design the competitions themselves from the ground up, and handle all the broadcasting needs. Esports Engine’s current iteration already boasts a few huge partners under their belt, such as Overwatch League and the CDL. 

Behind all of this is Adam Apicella, a founding employee of MLG, and the former VP of Event and League Operations at Activision/Blizzard. With such a storied resume serving as the foundation for Esports Engine’s next huge chapter, I think its extremely safe to say that the future of Halo esports is in extremely capable hands. 

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