343 Dev Says New Halo Infinite Engine Is A “Mythical Beast”

In a new Employee Spotlight posted by 343 Industries, Leonard Holman one of 343’s Senior Software Engineers, had some glowing praise and lots of hype to share about Halo Infinite’s new SlipSpace engine. He referred to it lovingly as a “mythical beast”.

Leonard: SlipSpace really is a mystical beast; it walks this fine line of intimidating futuristic technology married to little gems of classic gameplay and subtly authentic legacy behaviors. I love that the Engineering team has embraced the modern features of the C++ language. It’s an exciting time to be a C++ developer, at least I think so. Every once in a while, you find some real old nuggets of surprising stuff from the original Halo CE code. It’s almost like excavating an old archeological site, trying to figure out what it was doing and if it’s still needed. It happens less often now, but it’s always fun when you find some old glimpse of the past … and either modernize it to take advantage of current tech, or leave it just as you found it.

Employee Spotlight: Leonard Holman, 343 Industries

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be this aroused this early in the morning – but here we are.

We’ve all been hyped up for Halo Infinite for a really long time now. After tons of delays, setbacks, departures from 343, and other bad omens – the future was pretty murky for Microsoft’s flagship franchise for quite a while. However, after a lot of reworks, and an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the first Halo Infinite test flights, it seems like Halo is all the way back.

The SlipSpace Engine has been hyped up by 343 for years now, and is said to feature “leading edge technologies convey moving emotional performances with truly organic, believable fidelity”, powered by intuitive and powerful tools for devs.

If that doesn’t start your morning off with a fresh, steaming cup of Thursday morning hype, I don’t know what will.

Halo Infinite arrives later this year for Xbox and Windows PC.

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