EA Executive Says He’d Love To Bring Back MVP Baseball Video Game

People have been weeping into their $6 Target pillows waiting for the return of MVP Baseball.  If you can remember back in over a decade ago, that’s when the best baseball game of all time came out; MVP Baseball 2005.  Earlier in the year, EA helped distribute an award-winning text simulation Out of the Park Baseball 19. So they’re thinking of baseball games.. Right? EA Sports Executive Vice President Cam Weber was interviewed yesterday and when asked if EA was thinking of returning to making baseball games his answer was:


The answer is yes. I would love to have a baseball game in our portfolio. It’s something that once again, every couple years, we take a look and we talk and theorize about what it might look like to get back into something like baseball”

Well I’ll tell you one thing Cam, it would look incredible and you’d look like an absolute beauty. MVP Baseball was the reason for my first video game melt down- Because my brother had to watch a replay EVERY SINGLE PLAY. And Slightly hold the right trigger so everything played in slow-mo. It was MISERABLE. But I’m grown up now (well that’s what I like to think). MLB The Show is sick, don’t get me wrong, but it’s time for MVP to come back. The people need it. Do the right thing Cam

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