The Biggest Crossover Ever is Here

It’s morning, monday morning. What would be a gloomy start of the work week for some, became a blessed one. When I opened my Twitter feed to Dragon Ball trending at the top of the page. “Did something happen with the anime?” I thought. Was there a new manga or was the anime coming back? Did Goku actually start to raise his son? No, it was better. Beerus from Dragon Ball Super, as well as Goku, and Vegeta were datamined and confirmed to be coming to Fortnite. The news broke early that morning by Austrian dataminer Mida. What was a rumor for some, had now become a reality. The ultimate crossover had come true.

Fortnite has long been considered the laughingstock for older gamers. But as Zero Build, more crossovers, and game modes were added, some, like myself started taking Fortnite seriously and no longer for granted. This game suddenly has more crazy crossovers than Mario could have a wet dream over.

Imagine this: Goku, Ariana Grande, Spiderman, and Obi-Wan duking it out at Tilted Towers against the likes of Thanos, Beerus, Darth Vader, and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto with guns, grenades, a battle bus…. you know, the works. This is what now makes a typical match of Fortnite. What a crossover.

Of course, the internet lost its collective mind as this unofficial confirmation dropped, which gave us such gems as this video by Red Muffler Man: 

This is the reality we live in folks! Anything is possible now! Epic’s lawyers must be eating good tonight because holy mother of Christ is this whole game one IP management nightmare! All it’s missing is the lamp from Pixar and Lightning McQueen. All jokes aside, I personally believe the next logical anime crossover is One Piece. It’s one of the original “big three” of Shonen Jump: Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. It just makes sense!

By the way, according to Shiina, (an english leaker translating most of Mida’s information) says we’re getting SEVEN. Yes you read that right, SEVEN. Straight weeks of Dragon Ball content whenever this drops. Absurd!

We’re in groundbreaking territory now for a crossover! From Dead by Daylight, to Smash Bros, to the copyright lawyer’s wet dream that is Fortnite. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is possible for gaming collaborations. The fact that Japanese IP holders are doing things with western game devs is a feat in itself. Especially since anime IPs tend to be some of the most protected ones overseas. The fact that this level of collaboration is happening is a miracle in itself. How can this be topped? A Disney character in Fortnite? 

Anyway, I’m sitting at my desk writing up this article as I’m blasting Dragon Ball’s remade opening song. Enjoy, and see you on the battle bus!


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