Hello Neighbor is Announced and The Gameplay is Unreal

Based on its debut trailer above, Hello Neighbor looks like a Hitchcockian nightmare. The point of the stealth game is similar to the plot of Rear Window, where the player investigates their suspicious next-door neighbor’s house while they’re not home — at least, they think they’re not home. As they move through the house to uncover the dark secrets likely hiding in the basement, the player quickly learns they’re not alone after all. – Polygon

This Hello Neighbor gameplay gave me a stiff one. The game looks fucking sick. THAT PLOT THO– You look through this old pricks window and see that he’s being creepy and is up to no good. Is he cooking dope? Is he hiding dead bodies? Maybe he’s teaching himself how to play the Didgeridoo. I need to know. This reminds me of Disturbia with Shia Labeouf. When he runs into that old dudes house that is just killing anything in his path. Jams a pair of rusty shears through his chest and brings home the dime. Breath Taking. Ok back to the game.

The publisher said that the game uses an advanced, iterative AI system, with the creepy neighbor anticipating the player’s break-in attempts. He’ll set traps to stop the player in their tracks — and if he finds them, expect the anxiety level to ramp up real quick.

So this AI system will track what you do most often and based on that, the neighbor will set up traps to try to stop you. If this was real life, he would realize every time I sneak in his beers are gone. And then he would set up a trap and put piss in a blue can. But seriously, I have never heard of another game with this type of intelligence. And makes us actually have to use our heads and not just storm into the house and sprint for the closet to hide.


Will be buying. I was not paid to say this (I wish I was)..

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