An Honest CoD WWII Multiplayer Review

With such hype built around the first boots on the ground Call of Duty in just about 4 years, there was a lot riding on the CoD WWII release. Granted that the servers couldn’t handle the influx of players; which made the game pretty much unplayable for the first 48 hours, the game still has some pretty dope features in my eyes. Spoiler: I will not be talking about Zombies because I hate Zombies and have yet to play it (Sorry Rob). But I bet it’s excellent.

Call of Duty WWII added a sort of open world Headquarters before each match, where you can run around with your party, open supply drops, shoot at the target range, and pretty much just warm up before the game starts. Rather than just navigating around the normal multiplayer menu, you can go to  different stands around the Headquarters to do the same thing. Example: There is a stand to prestige, a stand for challenges etc.. This is a new and cool feature that Cod hasn’t done before and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it even though it’s not the most useful thing ever. But still, looks cool. Other than this new feature, there’s only one other HUGE new feature.. But I’ll touch on that in a little bit. Sledgehammer Games went for a minimalist feel other than that and I love that. Nothing worse than “too much shit” like I’ve said a million times.

Also, there is now a Ranked mode starting on December 1st and I cannot wait for that.



These are nothing worth writing home about to be honest. I will quickly state that my favorite CoD WWII Weapons are the BAR for an assault rifle and MP40 for SMG. I’ve talked to a bunch of people who used there Prestige Token on permanently unlocking the BAR because you don’t unlock it until level 51 and it’s a great gun. The pistols are over powered (especially the machine pistol) and the Sniper Rifles are weaker than a mixed drink at a country club. So use the BAR and MP40, maybe even the STG and PPSh.

1.BAR                                                                                              2.MP40

bar                 mp40



Some are great, some suck. With some of these maps you can tell that they wanted to make them for competitive players. If you are playing Domination, the points are equally spread out and it is easy to have a solid vantage point of one. Which is also what I like, because you have to commit to one point when playing which will make for more gun fights and more electricity. My favorites are USS Texas, Flak Tower and Aachen. But there are some shitty maps like I said earlier and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Gustav Cannon. The worst map Call of Duty has ever made. A giant ass map with a big cannon in the middle. You can’t move unless you have a sniper rifle or someone on your team as a stud with one. If you play domination on this map and can lock down B (on the cannon LOL) then you will win the game.

1.USS Texas                                                                     2.Flak Tower                                                   3. Aachen

CoD WWII Multiplayer ReviewCoD WWII Multiplayer ReviewCoD World War 2 Multiplayer Review


The Best Part of the Game

Drumroll please…. And the best part of Call of Duty World War Two is… The new game mode War. Yup, the best part is a game mode. It’ll be tough to explain the rules of the game mode but I will try. There are multiple objectives per game that are easily laid out for you. It can be storming a building and taking it over (domination like) and then you will have to go build a bridge, and then plant a bomb for 3 minutes without the other team diffusing it and so forth and so on. And everything is timed, so depending on how quick your team gets it done the more points you get. The tables then turn and the other team will be the attackers while you defend. This game mode doesn’t go towards your K/D so the campers are most definitely limited, and not to mention you get a SHIT TON of XP for playing. So if you want to rank up quickly this is the game mode you want to jump into. War has 3 of it’s own maps so you will not be playing on the default Multiplayer maps. These range from storming the beach of Normandy, pushing tanks in the snow, and running around an abandoned city.


CoD WWII Multiplayer Review


All an all, I really like this game. I’ve already pumped in over 25 hours and am on track to hitting another prestige. This is the first Call of Duty in a long time that I’ve been super excited about and I’ve had a full party playing. So I don’t see myself falling off the WW2 train for a while.



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