Is Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth The Best Netflix Original Animated Comedy?

Some people may get a little upset at me over this post because I know there are a ton of die hard fans for the Netflix Original Animated Comedies.  For the sake of this argument I will only take into account the adult themed animated originals rather than bringing all of the amazing anime content and vast array of children’s shows into the equation.  I’ll list the only 3 major ones I can really think of and before you greasy fucks grab your pitchforks and cheeto encrusted torches, let me just mention I have not been a fan of the Netflix Original Animated Comedies UNTIL Big Mouth.  I’ll start with F is For Family.  I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes and was kind of almost immediately turned off by the show.  It felt to me as though I was just watching an animated version of Bill Burr yelling for 28 minutes, which really isn’t all that bad seeing as though I really enjoy his stand-up.  However, the episodes felt a little too similar for me, but that’s what they were going for, a loud irreverent comedy with Bill Burr screaming in your face the whole.

F is For Family

Initial Engagement – 2 / 5

Binge Worthiness – 1 / 5

Rewatchability – 0 / 5

Next up is Bojack Horseman, lead by Will Arnett playing a washed up actor who just so happens to be a horse.  I was able to stomach Bojack Horserman for a whole season and just couldn’t find the desire to continue watching.  I am a huge fan of dry irreverent humor, but Bojack Horseman was too laid back for my taste.  I like to base my taste in Netflix shows on 3 main key points, being, Initial Engagement, Binge Worthiness, and Rewatchability.  In the case of F is For Family, I had very little initial engagement, couldn’t binge more than two episodes consecutively and because of this there can’t be a score given to Binge Worthiness.

Bojack Horseman

Initial Engagement – 3 / 5

Binge Worthiness – 2 / 5

Rewatchability – 2 / 5

This brings me into my most recent weekend stint of not leaving my couch and watching an entire season of a Netflix show.  Big Mouth is in my opinion the best animated Netflix original comedy out there.  You probably saw that coming.   Again, set the torches and pitch forks down, crack open a fresh Mountain Dew and lick the cheeto dust off your fingers, and just hear me out for a second.  At first glance, Big Mouth appears to be a cute kids comedy cartoon (Alliteration Bitch), but within the first 10 minutes you immediately find out it is the exact opposite of that.  If you let your kids watch this unsupervised for more than 15 minutes, I am almost positive there’s a good chance of you walking into the room to see your child watching a scene with a dozen 4-5 foot tall dick n balls playing basketball in a middle school gym, being reffed by a 5 foot tall dick n balls with a mustache.  Big Mouth is a visually colorful cartoon jam packed with gross out sex humor that no matter how much is thrown at you, never really seems to get old.  If you are a fan of The Kroll Show or pretty much anything done by Nick Kroll, you get to see a few of his titular characters come into visual fruition.  Big Mouth is a satire within a parody wrapped up in the outer casings of a real”ish” depiction of things that went on during his life growing up.  Big Mouth hilariously and unfortunately takes you back through the trials and tribulations of puberty and how a group of horned up nerd friends dealt with it.  There is so much more to Big Mouth than any of the other shows, and that comes in the form of an endearing coming of age tale, that even though it can be so exaggerated at times, it is still relatable.  Beyond all of the extreme depictions of puberty, Big Mouth is a laugh out loud comedy, which I haven’t come across on Netflix in a very long time.  P.s There are puberty demons.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/lbq6htfmvfjks3qwnwa4.png?w=1140&ssl=1

Big Mouth

Initial Engagement – 5 /5

Binge Worthiness – 4 / 5

Rewatchability – 5 / 5

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