Playing Quake Champions Was My Favorite Part of PAX East 2017

Yea I’m alive.

So there were tons of things that I loved about my first ever PAX. I loved everyone we had the chance to talk to, I loved the after parties, and I can genuinely say I loved all the games we got to demo. But something has stood out to me besides the absurd amount of moobs*. One game. Quake Champions. Bethesda did a superb job with the game and also with their booth. A 5 on 5 live action game of TDM, on some dope rigs and sitting across from the enemy team. I channeled my inner decent person to not chirp the shit out of the opposing team while I top fragged. Maybe it’s because I was actually good? Maybe it was the 5 nips of Bailey’s I had in my coffee? Something was working.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.44.23 PM

I played as the hero Ranger. This is because I’m trained as a COD junkie to have an assault rifle and mow down the most amount of people possible and also trained as a cheap prick (Ranger will be free to play as). Usually I’m not a big fan of characters having abilities but I’m starting to eat my words. It seemed as if you could throw an orb of light that would kill people? It’s like a claymore but much cooler. There are tons of other hero’s that cannot wait to.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. I love Quake Champions and can’t wait to go pro. See you guys in another few months.

God is Love- Rev Run

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