The Day Before Has Been Out For Four Days and Whoops Its Studio Just Announced Bankruptcy

In one of the most bizarre gaming news stories of the last decade, FNTASTIC Games – the studio behind The Day Before – has just announced that they’re flat broke, and will be closing their doors for good.

It’s no secret that The Day Before’s launch has been absolutely catastrophic, with player counts dropping 90% in less than a week, 15,000+ negative Steam reviews, and God knows how many refunds already requested. The game seems like an utterly broken, buggy, unplayable mess… And it’s completely unclear whether or not FNTASTIC ever planned to fix it or mold the game into what was originally advertised at all.

Their last post on X before today’s shutdown announcement was that an forthcoming update would fix the game’s horrendous server and AI issues.

At this point, many people continue to echo what basically the entire gaming corner of the internet has been saying for a while now, that The Day Before was never meant to function in the first place – and that the whole game was some weird cash grab cut-and-run scheme. I said on the podcast about a month ago that the game looked like it had potential and that I was rooting for FNTASTIC to succeed, but this is obviously a really… REALLY horrible look.

It’s unclear if anyone is going to try and scoop up the rights to The Day Before and salvage whatever is left of the game, but… Yeah… I don’t know if anyone’s gonna stick around for that. Let’s check in on The Day Before’s community server though – just in case…

Jesus Christ. Only time will tell with The Day Before, and I truly do hope that FNTASTIC Games’ intentions were not as sinister as many people are assuming. I still stand by the fact that the game was never going to be what was advertised – but after a few clips of the game went viral, the devs found themselves in over their heads completely. God bless those people still playing though…

Mondays, am I right?

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