Head Into The Weekend With The Greatest Call of Duty Montage of All Time

Listen up, it’s Friday. The week’s absolutely sucked. You’ve got like three more meetings until you can slap your laptop shut until Monday. You’ve probably got a handful of beers in the fridge, maybe a game or two that needs updating before you can dive in and enjoy yourself – but do you really need anything else?

Somehow, someway, there will be someone who clicked on this blog and had never seen this remarkable clip before – and for that I say to thee, you’re welcome. The girl in the clip is InvaderVie, and the original creator is Biomez. I can’t find the original clip from Biomez on their YouTube or Twitter, so this bootleg embed will have to do for now.

This clip is somehow hilarious, motivational, awe inspiring, and instantly unforgettable all at the same time. I hope it’s instantly glued to your brain just like it was to mine when I originally saw it, and I hope whatever’s on the horizon for you this weekend is equally as good. If it’s not, make it that way. Two hours ’til 5PM on the east coast, which means a beer is getting cracked at 4:$5 the LATEST. Do the same, you’ve earned it. If it’s not a beer, go get a root beer float or something, whatever gets your weekend juices flowing.

Let’s get it, folks. Have a Friday.

Papa Dom

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