Twitch is Developing It’s Own Version of The Bachelor

Bloomberg: Twitch, the online video site popular among gamers, is looking for its version of “The Bachelor.” The company plans to fund a slate of original, unscripted series that would be live and interactive, airing two to three times a week, according to an internal document seen by Bloomberg. Its preferred genres are game shows, dating shows, sports, music and talk — many of the cornerstones of reality

The company plans to spend anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 a week on these series, which would include four to 10 hours of programming. The figures pale in comparison with those for cable TV, let alone Netflix or HBO, but would be an ample amount for someone who streams daily from home.

Talk shows, game shows, sports and music talk, yadda yadda. Lets talk about the Twitch Bachelor baby. Tinder and Bumble see ya the fuck later. It’s time to find the egirl we’ve all been looking for. Instead of giving out roses it’s giving up tubs of G-Fuel. It makes things easier than having to meet a chick on a dating app now and when she comes over for the first time my room looks like a rave with all my RBG lights. It’s not necessarily a panty dropper to tell them I play video games for 10 hours a day and have a video game blog and podcast. At least on Twitch Bachelor they know what they’re getting involved in.

I cannot wait for this. And honestly the blueprint is already there. You have RajjPatel already cranking out his version of the bachelor and it’s a beautiful disaster. Throw some dough and high production at the man and it’s pure comedy.

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