WGG’s Dreamhack Montreal Day 1 Round-Up

As I sit here in the AirBnb right now blasting dancehall music and deleting a Bud Lights, I can’t help but think to myself what could’ve been if we had stayed at Dreamhack Montreal Day 1 for a few more hours. Results may have included: passing out while standing up, crying, going to the hospital, or potentially death.

If you haven’t been to a show like Dreamhack before, don’t let the size fool you – even though it’s not as big as a PAX show, there’s still a ton of shit to see and a ton of people to meet. We started our days at 1:30am this morning when we arrived in Montreal, and didn’t get to bed until 3 since we were all so restless from the road. Finally, around 7:30am, we were all in an Uber and en route to Place Bonaventure for the biggest digital festival on the Westin hemisphere.

we started off the day by taking a press tour guided by Max, an absolute gem of a human being who coordinated all the press for this event. Legit unreal guy. Stop me if you’re shocked here, but we got a little snagged at the Bud Light stage. No, we weren’t drinking at 8am, but we did net a phenomenal interview with the eSports OG Justin Wong, so I think missing the rest of the tour was worth it.

We schmoozed, we streamed, and we soldiered through the show floor at Dreamhack, which resulted in a ton of new connections, a pocketful of business cards, and a seriously empty stomach. We capped off the day by deleting a few burgers and some poutine (when in Rome) at Peel Pub down the street from the venue.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned all weekend for more Dreamhack Roundups. Once the real events pick up some steam, we’ll blog about those too. PS, I love you.


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