Are We Getting Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Soon? South Korea Might Point to Yes

These past two days have been big time rumor days for Call of Duty. Yesterday it was rumored/leaked that Call of Duty 2020 was going to be a reboot/reimagie of Black Ops and a shit ton of other info dropped. And today it looks like MW2 remastered campaign is showing up on South Korean ratings boards. What is going onnnnnn.


This isn’t the first rumor that we’ve heard about MW2 getting remastered. Just about a year ago to this day, we got a rumor that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered was not going to have a multiplayer. Which is total bullshit, but I’m not here to dwell on that. It sucks, but that’s not the point of this here blog. The game listing also appeared on Amazon Italy but got pulled off with the swiftness.

We’re in for a long road of remastering and reimaging past Call of Duty’s. And while I’m not completely pumped about it, I can’t say that i’m too bummed either. Just keep me out of space and jet packs off my back and i’ll be happier than a pig in shit. Keep the leaks coming baby.

Kinda really pissed off that MW2 Remastered won’t have a multiplayer.

Edit: I guess there will be a multiplayer? Single player and multiplayer will be different. The game was held up for that and is apparently done. Activision is just waiting on a window of time to release

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