Buffalo Wild Wings Is The Official Sports Bar of League Worlds

So I’m sitting here, waiting for the caffeine to kick in so I can go for a mid-afternoon run. I’m low-key starving, so what does my computer do? Reads my mind, of course, and shows me a targeted ad for Buffalo Wild Wings.

There was, however, something special about this ad that caught my eye:

Fast forward a few minutes and a few internet tabs, and I come to realize that Buffalo Wild Wings is actually the “Official Sports Bar of the League of Legends Championship Series”. And y’know what? That’s pretty goddamn cool.

Imagine a world where you go to a bar and they have 25-cent wings, cheap draft beers, or even combos like BWW has during CDL, LCS, or ESL Pro League matches, not just during baseball or football games? Imagine being in a world where everyone else actually realizes how big esports is?

Brandon Gill, Director of Gaming and Experience for BDubs, definitely realizes that – and had this to say:

“As esports viewership and participation continues to grow, aligning with the most-watched esport in North America is an important step toward giving our guests the best gameday experience possible – across all sports,” said Brandon Gill, Director of Experience and Gaming, Buffalo Wild Wings. “Whether joining us on location or enjoying wings at home, League of Legends and LCS fans now have a go-to sports bar for match day.”

Brandon Gill, Buffalo Wild Wings Becomes the Official Sports Bar of the League of Legends Championship Series

Call it what you want, but this BWW sponsorship and cross-promo with the LCS is actually huge. Come to think of it, I was in my local BDubs just last weekend before playing a round of golf, and they had a few LCS games on some nice big TVs.

I don’t know a whole lot about League (I have Bob to help me with that), but I still thought it was pretty goddamn fun checking out what was going on in the esports world while crushing my 10-piece buffalo rub wings (my personal favorite, hit me up BDubs) and a few tall and frosty $3 Miller Lites.

If you’ve ever been to a sports bar in an off hour of the day and just watched whatever sport was on a TV, you know exactly what I was feeling. Not a care in the world, enjoying some food, suds, and sports – exactly the way life should be. I need more partnerships like this in the esports world, folks. But big shoutout to BWW for leading the charge.

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