100 Thieves Got Absolutely Bodied in the First Round of the LCS Spring Playoffs

LCS Spring Playoffs kicked off yesterday as we saw 100 Thieves get absolutely bodied by the pre-season ranked champions of Cloud 9. The #2 and #3 seeds battled like a true David and Goliath, with no biblical miracle present. 100 Thieves built up a lot of hype this spring, as they were predicted to finish bottom of the table, and found ways to win against top squads throughout the regular season. Unfortunately for them, their luck ran out there. Yesterday was a different story as the Cloud 9 Giga-Giants have retaken their throne upon the rift.

I made my first ever TikTok video for this, as its about time I put some more content out there…the same day the TikTok ban bill passes the House. It took me almost 3 hours to put together this 80 second clip, and then had to write more on top of it. While it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m actually excited to take this leap and put more video content side by side with my written stuff – so long as TikTok doesn’t get banned. If you don’t want to go to the TikTok video, I got some words for you. 100 Thieves got squashed on stage repeatedly yesterday, and the players(Sniper) were laughing about it as they headed backstage in between spankings. I really hate that look, because I know the kid cares to be there, but you can’t be smiling as you get decimated in the biggest competitive match of your career. Your rookie season, you post incredible stats, numerous first bloods, and capture so much attention, all to laugh it away??? I want to see that people actually still care about this esport. Tyler1 made comments weeks ago about how LCS players are just chasing the paycheck, with the complacency, clip shown here. Now while Tyler can be a little emphatic, he does bring up a good point. Not many pros are playing in Champions Queue in the great western region of NA. The only team that shows out in full-force is FlyQuest, and they’re top of the table Coincidence? Maybe Sniper has reformed back to his NA roots of 9-5 clock in for the shift, and has completely lost the edge he found in Korea to grant him the job in the first place. I’m probably being a little harsh, but still, not a great look.

Recent discovery last night: River(jg) was sick all week & wasn’t able to practice with the squad. It was also let out he’s the vocal leader for the team. So major issue with your captain of sorts, shot caller, and playmaker not full go into the your first playoffs as a young team. I’d definitely consider my previous comments harsh. Regardless, they still got throttled. Hopefully they can get healthy for tomorrow’s do or die match with NRG.

Shout out to my favorite League of Legends content creator David Szajnuk with a tweet that completely resembles the feelings of 100T fans everywhere. Dave’s twitter is always a good follow to have for all your 100T LoL news.

David Szajnuk – Twitter


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