It’s Not Too Late to Get Destiny 2’s Exotic Skimmer

You better hurry, because there isn’t much time left to solidly yourself among the greats by acquiring the exotic skimmer, Allstar Vector. While there isn’t a lot, there is still hope to get this done by the end of Guardian Games next Tuesday, 26 March. I’ll be going over the easiest way to accomplish this feat so you’re not getting swirley’d at the tower by Saint-14 for still rocking a sparrow.

Right now, I’m in an Uber heading to PAX East, but I know there’s a service I owe to the feeble guardians that are panicking because they believe they won’t be grinding on invisible rails throughout the Cosmodrome. I’m here to get you over the mediocre speed bump & get you rocking in style. Below is a video that’ll explain everything within 2 minutes, but stick along if you’re more of a subtitles while watching The Office kinda guy/gal/gremlin.

To start out, you’ll need to have a Warlock character. Wah Wah little baby brute Titans & jumpy Hunters, you can suffer through 3 activities & transfer it later. That’s right, 3 activities is all you need. Speak to Eva in the tower, and you’ll need to be on quest where it gives you 3 options to acquire the Allstar Vector. Options are get 1200 medallion score(too late), top 10% in nightfall(0 chance if you’re reading this guide), and open 3 Focus Champion Packages(BINGO). We’re focusing on the latter. Each week of Guardian Games has had a different class winner. The community/devs have made sure everyone’s gonna win(Oprah meme). Titans & Hunters have had their weeks, so now the Warlocks are driving the bus. Every few hours there’s a new “focused activity” in Guardian Games. In between all the options in the tower, there’s an icon showing the scores of the current activity & how much time remaining. Spoiler alert, Warlocks will be heavily in the lead. Find the activity with an icon on the bottom, and it’ll show it’s the focused activity below the name. Hop in, complete the activity with your Warlock, and when the time expires, a Focus Champion Package will be in your inventory. Just repeat that until you open 3 & will be rewarded like a King(Shaun White). Remember, only 1 package per activity, and the activities run every few hours, so within a day or two, you should have it. Good luck Guardians(Warlocks)!


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