Carrie Fisher, Luminous Being, Passes At Age 60

If you asked 100 guys my age who their first crush was growing up, you’d probably get two names more than any other: Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger – or Carrier Fisher as Princess Leia. Mine was the latter.

Carrie Fisher was a great many things (aside from one of the most famous princesses in the galaxy). She was an actress, author, producer, role model, and all-around badass – just to name a few. When I first watched Princess Leia in the original Star Wars, I was blown away. She was completely unlike movie or television heroines I had seen before. She didn’t take shit from anyone, and wasn’t afraid to take matters (read: blaster rifles) into her own goddamn hands. Though she was in need of help, she was no damsel in distress, and she let everybody know it.

Beyond a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Carrie Fisher appeared in The Blues Brothers, and I was most recently overcome with joy when I saw her cameo in the hysterical Amazon Video series “Catastrophe”. She plays Rob Delaney’s curmudgeonly, foul-mouther mother – and she absolutely steals the show in every scene she’s in. But then again, that’s what Carrie always did.


I’m going to pretend like I know Carrie Fisher’s entire filmography or life story front to back, I just know what her best-known work means to my life, and to countless others. As with all notable names that have passed on this year, there are always going to be people who are more hurt than others – and I think I’m one of those “more hurt” people this time. Carrie was a role model for millions of would-be heroines growing up, and her roles, ideals, and quotes will continue to inspire future generations of badasses forever.

Rest in peace, Carrie. You will sorely be missed.

P.S. – I have tried my best to not be one of those people who finds a new reason every day to tweet “aw man fuck 2016”, but this is getting fucking silly at this point. There’s only so many bi-weekly ballbag kickings I can take, and I’ve already had more than my fill. Let’s get this year over with.

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