DEVELOPING: Notable Gaming Personalities Are Arguing On The Internet

In this day and age, we’re stuck in the house 85% of the time.

Things I once laughed at, things I took for granted – they can no longer comfort me. I need new laughs. I need entertainment. And I’ll take absolutely every bit of it that I can get from notable internet people tearing each other to shreds.

All of this being said, you can surely imagine my utter glee and childlike laughter when I noticed notable Video Game Personalities™️ all having a good old fashioned Online Argument™️ on Twitter. Before we get into the fray here, let’s have a look at the players involved:

  • Ninja: Tyler Blevins, good at building skyscrapers in video games.
  • Jessica Blevins: Ninja’s manager, also his wife. That order is important.
  • xQc: A person who I genuinely thought was a gaming website.*
  • Alinity: The lady with the cats.
  • DrLupo: Nice guy, does charity things.
  • Slasher: Tweets very skillfully, breaks news.

And now, to the goods:

Looks like DrLupo was just simply defending himself against some allegations that he was paid (?) to raise money (??) for charities. JGhosty here jumps in, and adds that – hey, if that was the case, more people would know. It’s public information! But xQc (not a gaming website, but a gamer himself), was having none of that. Next slide, please.

OH HO HO HO! JGhosty throws down the “QVC” (also not a website, but a TV channel!) and Ninja himself jumps in to defend his wife’s work ethic while throwing in a lil flex about being able to donate millions to charity and also enjoying the products of their hard work.

Personally I think the assumption here that Mrs. Blevins does nothing and reaps the rewards is pretty shitty and underhanded to throw out there, so I’m not shocked that Ninja jumped in. Tip of the fedora to you, good sir.

And just like that, two new challengers approach. Slasher recommends settling this with a lil 2v2 BO3 action, and Alinity feels the need to chime in and pick a side. Ninja, however, promptly comes back and swats that shit right outta here. Also, Froste’s response has me in stitches.

And, of course, Alinity takes none too kindly about Ninja referring to her infamous cat throwing clip. I don’t know what she thought was going to happen there, but clearly you gotta know better and just sit this one out. Ninja said “anybody can get it”, and you hate to see someone catch a ricochet shot like this. You truly do.

And that just about does it. What did we all learn today? I, for one, found out the xQc is a gaming pro, and is pretty good at Overwatch! Not a website at all. Sorry xQc. Meanwhile, Alinity and Ninja are now both trending on Twitter, and the discourse is SURE to continue.

DrLupo, however, is going to have himself a nice, calm dinner and enjoy the reset of his Tuesday evening. I hope you all do the same.

Papa Dom

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