Finally, You Use Your Roomba’s Cleaning Path Data To Create DOOM Maps… Wait What?

So here I am, enjoying an over-toasted morning bagel, when news of the greatest technological achievement of my lifetime slides across my desk. I give you, the DOOMba.

Rich Whitehouse, a self-proclaimed “Quake modder turned coder” who worked on games such as Jedi Knight 2 and Prey, brought his most recent project into the world just yesterday, seemingly in celebration of DOOM’s 25th anniversary.


Whitehouse’s new script, created for Noesis, tracks and stores data from your Roomba, and allows the user to “visualize that data in a variety of ways, and, of course, turn that data into a randomized DOOM map.” … I mean, hey – what else are you gonna do with that data, right?

I’m sure the nitty-gritty operation of DOOMBA is an afternoon project in itself, but it looks like Mr. I Might Just Be A Shoe-In For The Next Nobel Prize has done most of the heavy lifting for us. If you have a Roomba, and you choose to use it as a means to develop your own randomized demon-slaughtering playground – be sure to send it our way so we can check it out.

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