Faker Turns Down Blank Check Deal and $10M to Leave South Korea For 2020 Season

In a Korean interview show, Faker revealed that a North American team offered him a blank check offer to leave T1 Esports, leaving it up to him to decide the price of his services. He was also offered $10 million from Tencent to play in China for their League Of Legend’s Pro League.

Faker rejected the deals because of his loyalty to his fans, and that he doesn’t want to leave his current fan base, team, and organization due to his appreciation for them so far.

I don’t think there are many things I wouldn’t do for $10 million as long as I wouldn’t die. I’d be cool with a 75% chance of dying, but I need a little ray of sunshine that there’s a chance i’ll walk away an alive, rich man. If you say, hey move to a different country to play a video game, and you can literally write the amount of money you want on this check. I would write zero’s until my hand falls off and board the first class flight to whatever country you want me in.

Faker might be the realest mofo of all time. Committed to his team and his country. I can’t help but respect it but also think he’s a little not “all there” for turning these offers down.

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