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You may have missed it last week, but 10 Chmaber’s opened up the first Alpha testing to members of their GTFO ambassador program. I along with Chris P and several members of the WGG Stream Team went hands on to test it out over the weekend right at the end of spooky season and all of our pants shitting streams can be found at . One level of the game was opened up to ambassadors with the main goal of….shockingly enough, Getting The Fuck Out.

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A team of four get dropped into what seems to be some sort of mine, underground precinct who honestly fucking knows and I’m not even sure it really matters where you are because within the first 15 feet you run into naked eyeball covered creatures that just wanna feed on your juicy succulent flesh. You get to choose your loadout before dropping in which ranges anywhere from high ammo capacity pistols to low ammo, high damage shotguns with automatic weapons and a sniper thrown in for good measure. You can select which two guns you want, a melee hammer and the choice between a place able sentry gun, a foam launcher to barricade doors, or a scanner that tells you how many monsters are behind unopened doors to plan accordingly.

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Speaking of planning accordingly, loadouts are incredibly important with almost a necessity for each tool being present in the party as well as a varied and balanced need for plenty of ammo and high damaging guns. The gameplay itself is pretty straight forward. Clear out naked eyeball creatures from the room, scan the next rooms, access terminals to see where you need to go next, look literally fucking everything you can, beat a horde room, stealth around and try to escape. The key is to stealth around killing one at a time with melees to not wake the sleepers doing your best to conserve ammo and resources for horde rooms because you burn through that shit QUICK.

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GTFO is a wonderful amalgamation of a half dozen different games. The party preparation and lovecraftian enemy designs reminds me of Darkest Dungeon. There are really only 4 different types of enemies with sleepers, strikers, scouts, and brutes. The only unfortunate thing is they all basically look the same especially in the pitch black. The actual gameplay and what the game is trying to execute in it is very similar to PayDay and Left 4 Dead and honestly GTFO blends all of it together pretty well. All in all GTFO is shaping up to be a solid co-op horror game. The team over at 10 Chambers is working hard to get through bug fixes and the game is still in Alpha so hopefully we can see some more weapons, new locations and a few different enemies coming soon.

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