G4 and Wizards of the Coast To Host Celebrity D&D Game For Extra Life Charity

File this under things you love to see. It’s that time of year again for Extra Life charity streams, and the folks behind D&D are teaming up with G4 to put on a celebrity D&D session for the ages.

The cast includes: Kate Welch from Acquisitions Incorporated’s “C-Team”, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob), Jack Black (needs no introduction), Lauren Lapkus (The Wrong Missy), and Reggie Watts (Comedy Bang Bang!). This is already shaping up to be absolutely hysterical and completely ridiculous, and I cannot wait.

The session will be broadcast on Peacock, as well as G4 and D&D’s Twitch and YouTube channels. It’s a two-night event that takes place on 7/16 and 7/17, and will be hosted (and I hope DM’d) by Kate Welch herself.

This is an awesome crew, playing an awesome game, to benefit an awesome cause. How do you not tune in?

P.S. – This has me thinking… Should Wicked Good Gaming do one of these as well?

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