Head Into The Weekend With The Most Electric Esports Celebration Of All Time

In case you think you celly hard, chances are that fighting game pro CakeAssault cellys harder.

In case you’re wondering – yes – CakeAssault absolutely dislocated his shoulder during this celebration, immediately after a massive win at in Rivals of Aether at Ohio’s Riptide event – which also features Smash and Splatoon 2.

The intensity. The passion. The medical bills. Listen, I don’t know much about Rivals of Aether, but Cake went 8-1 in the singles competition, as well as 6-0 in the doubles competition (alongside “Penguin” who he defeated in the singles bracket to win the top prize). CakeAssault had an absolutely dominant showing at Riptide, and celebrated every bit as much as he should have.

Have a day, Cake. Have a day.

Papa Dom

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