I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This.. But Travis Scott’s Fortnite Concert Was Lit

I am not a fan of Fortnite. Let’s get that in the air right away. But I can’t deny that the game is a juggernaut – and the fan base is rabid. And on top of it they’ve paved the way for BR’s. Well, as a video game journalist, I had to check out this highly anticipated Travis Scott Fortnite concert. For science. And let me tell you guys… it was v fucking lit.

I wanted to hate it so bad man. I really did. I wanted to get on Twitter after and trash it. But I’m so hyped up right now. I genuinely had to Drizly a twelver because I now need to get drunk. I think I love Fortnite now. I am a now a Fortnite Stan. All because Travis Scott just put on the best virtual concert of all time. Marshmello who? This concert just body-bagged him.

Chris P.

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