Immortals Late for DreamHack – Now The Bad Boys of eSports

This weekend Immortals and North faced off in the CS:GO championship at DreamHack Montreal. But the only issue was, Immortals were late to the contest and as a result had to forfeit the first match, putting them behind 0-1 going into Cobblestone. Rumor has it that they went out and had a good time the night before and somehow couldn’t shake the hangover by 3PM when the match started. Immortals ended up losing 16-9 and North wins DreamHack Montreal and went home 70k richer.

After the match, Immortal’s player Vito “kNg”  Guiseppe took it to Twitter to fire off some heat towards CLG’s in-game leader, Pujan “FNS” Mehta.

I like this, and I like it a lot. I don’t give a flying fuck if people think that this is disrespectful to the eSports community, this is what we need. We need a team of bad boys that get boo’d on the main stage. We need an eSports player to tell other team’s leaders that they’re gonna kill them in real life. I even seen kNg look into the camera and say “fucking putos” (putos=bitch) after the news was announced that they would have to forfeit the first map. That’s what is going to spice up this sport and get people onboard. We can have NFL players kicking the shit out of their wives and girlfriends but once a team is late to a CS:GO match it’s disrespectful. Cut me a fucking break. I’m trying to see teams chirping back and forth on stage, I’m trying to see chairs get thrown and tables flipped over. Let’s get eSports out of the stereotype that it’s just a bunch of puny nerds sitting behind a keyboard with orange fingers.

Side Note: Immortals cripplingly hungover until 3 PM? I need to party with these guys

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