It’s a Damn Good Time to Be a Part of the FGC

The FGC (Fighting Game Community) has been one of the longest running gaming communities since the dawn of the first Street Fighter in 1987. With legendary moments such as the Daigo Parry, AKA EVO Moment 37 cemented in the minds of fighting game connoisseurs everywhere. Fighting games have been a staple of competitive gaming since it’s inception.

In the year of our lord 2023, the FGC rejoices with several announcements released to the streets. Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear Strive, and most recently Mortal Kombat 1 have all been either thriving or releasing to the next generation of fighting game prodigies, myself included. Shoutouts to JayHit for helping me kick some ass as the next FGC addict. 

The Legendary EVO Moment 37

Enter the FGC With Several New Upcoming Titles

What I’m trying to say is, it’s a damn good time to start getting involved in the FGC. With all these new releases coming, it’s the best time to get your running start. It’s said when a new game drops, it’s much easier to learn than popping in a year or two old game and climbing the ladder with the skin on your teeth.

Let’s start with the game that’s been early to the party, Guilty Gear Strive. Guilty Gear has long since had an excellent hard rock sound track and it’s love for characters with a lot of belts in their wardrobe. Recently Strive has made some strides for representation in the LGBTQ+ community with two trans characters, Bridget, and Testament. With these two in the mix, Strive’s community has become more welcoming to trans people when compared to other fighting game fanbases.

Axl Low spitting some fire.

Personally I main Axl, a cocky son of a bitch from England who in previous games looked like an AC/DC reject. If you’re looking for an over the top, guitar riffing, hack and slashing, ass kicking, fighting game, then Guilty Gear Strive should be your forte.

Take it to the Streets

Now, I want to take the time to gush about Street Fighter 6 a bit. I’ve been hyped for this game since it’s reveal. Its urban city aesthetics remind me of the good ol’ days of 3rd strike, and the multitude of player guides from within the game make it super easy for newcomers to jump in. With it comes a few new controversial control schemes. In addition to the classic quarter circle punch inputs comes two new methods of control, modern, and dynamic.

Street Fighter 6 is expected to set a new standard for fighting games!

FGC pros currently have their eyes on the modern controls thanks to its one input supers. Allowing players to perform a deadly and instantaneous attack with only the push of a button. Because of this, it’s believed that players will have an advantage using this scheme on controllers. But we’ll see how much that advantage really brings when the game releases. 

Diapohone explains why modern controls in Street Fighter 6 are so powerful

In addition to the control schemes and fighting guides. Street Fighter 6 includes a massive open world single player story with its world tour mode. There’s also a very high level of character customization, so much so that some people have made their own cameos. 

The FGC has made many monstrosities in the character creator. But some have made their own cameos like Franky from One Piece.

Street Fighter 6 also comes with a ton of character guides, and other fighting guides. This coupled with the various control schemes makes this the most accessible fighting game yet.

Get Ready for the Next Battle

I’ve been a fan of Tekken since the early days of Tekken 3. But I haven’t taken fighting games anywhere near as seriously as I do now. Tekken has always been different in the way it’s mechanics work with three dimensions of movement and a unique combo system. With Tekken 8, the game is looking as good as ever. With character reveals every few weeks, we got characters coming back in their prime. Characters like Jin, Kazyua, Nina, Paul, Marshall Law, and most recently revealed my main man Hwoarang! I’m still waiting on that Yoshimitsu gameplay trailer though! Don’t keep me waiting, Bandai! 

As far as the story goes, one of the trailers depicts the return of Jin’s late mother, Jun. How did she come back from the dead? Was she ever dead? Who knows, regardless of the how’s and why’s, I’m pumped!

Kombat So Good They Rebooted it Twice

We have to talk about the recently revealed Mortal Kombat 1. My man, Lu Kang got elder god powers and rebooted the whole damn universe. Is that Raiden in the trailer? Has he lost his god status? Anyway, we got brutal new fatalities showcased in the cinematic trailer. “Kameo” fighters bring new assist style gameplay features. But with no gameplay shown a lot are left to wonder how they will work. It’s suspected that gameplay will be shown in the next Playstation State of Play event, expected to be announced sometime soon!

I love me some Mortal Kombat! But while I’m waiting, I’ll be playing the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta this weekend! 

Fighting in the Street

Speaking of streets, I want to take a moment to shout out Game Underground’s “Fighting in the Street” event in Waltham, MA. Jamie at GU has put together a $500 prize pot for a SF6 tournament, as well as a cosplay contest! The name of the event doesn’t exaggerate, the fighting will take place in the street! Literally! The event will be blocked off on the street for players to compete! Check out the event page by clicking here! 

With all these fighting games coming out, and events being started, and prize pools being as high as $1 million dollars at the Capcom Cup, it’s a great time to be a part of the FGC!


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