Nintendo Confirms New Hardware, Continued Development of Online Services

In a Corporate Management Policy Briefing released today, Nintendo has hinted towards the future of their hardware and software offerings.

The 56-page document covers a wide variety of topics, including their further dedication to making the “Nintendo Account” and “Nintendo Online” services focal points of their future efforts, and utilizing those services to better integrate customers with their offline, online, mobile, and web offerings.

The most interesting page in the document, however is right before the end on page 52.

On prior pages, Nintendo discusses how they have cultivated relationships with gamers for two to three generations now, and how customers of theirs from childhood will often continue their relationship with Nintendo for decades to come, and pass their products down to children and grandchildren.

On the above page, we see them discussing more about how they plan on “continuing to surprise” gamers, and using the Nintendo Account/Online features to more formally tie in consumers to their ecosystem and product lines. Nintendo hopes to cultivate long-term relationships via “a positive cycle with services and content founded on our integrated hardware-software model”.

Last, but not least – there’s a cheeky little question mark above a “20XX”, confirming that new hardware is, indeed, in the works. Is this an earth-shattering shock to the gaming world? No. We coulda guessed that new hardware was coming. However, it is nice to get a peek behind the curtain and see that Nintendo is committing to expanding their hardware, software, and service models for the future.

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