Jamaal Williams Schools the NFL Media on Pokémon Again

The First Swagg Kazekage may have left the Hidden Village of the Den, but he’s on his way to a whole new village in the bayou now after signing a fresh contract with the New Orleans Saints.

Jamaal Williams, if you didn’t know already, is not shy with his love of anime and Pokémon, and has made headlines in the past for calling out a reporter for mispronouncing the latter. Unsurprisingly, he wasted no time in taking the local Saints media to school on some of his favorite Pokémon this past week after arriving in New Orleans.

It’s impossible not to love this dude, no matter what team you root for. Jamaal Williams is out here crushing running back records while cramming all the anime and gaming references he can into press conferences, and I absolutely love to see it.

First Swagg Kazekage, it’d be an honor to have you in our village for an episode of Not Another Gaming Podcast one of these days. Think about it.

Papa Dom

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