Jaws Did it First Over 40 Years Ago, Haven’t We Learned Anything?

Hey Ron Beaty….maybe you should have listened to Martin Brody 42 years ago.  Just like the rest of us over here at Wicked Good Gaming, Steven Spielberg and Roy Schneider made some incredible predictions so I would personally like to welcome them both to the WGG fortune telling crew.  If you aren’t from the East Coast and don’t know anything about the wonders of Cape Cod, I can let you in on a few things.  Cape Cod is a peninsula extension off the coast of Massachusetts that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a summer tourist trap where New Englanders squeeze their oversized bodies into severely undersized bathing suits in anticipation of spending a few weekends out in the sun with their feet in the sands and…..oh wait, THEIR ARMS IN THE MOUTH OF A GREAT WHITE SHARK!  Not only are the East Coast Summers a haven for out of towners looking for a 3 hour drive in traffic down to the cape for a weekend in the sun, but it also a feeding ground for the planet’s oldest and greatest killing machines, The Great White Shark.  We should take some notes from our pal Steven Spielberg and learn a few lessons from Jaws.

As Officer Brody warned 42 years ago in Jaws, Don’t Go In The Water, Close The Beaches, Get A Bigger Boat.  The recent uptick in great white sightings and damn near close calls, with one paddleboarder getting a nice little chunk taken out of their board, has caused a little bit of an uproar down the Cape.  One politician on the peninsula stated how he thinks maybe they should start targeting these beasts of the seas with baited hooks and culling the animals with a lead slug to the skull.  First of all, professionals from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy have stated that the fact that great whites are present in the area shows clear signs of a flourishing ecosystem.  Secondly, why not take some advice from good old Brody and just stay the fuck out of the water.  Why do we have to encroach further into another apex predators environment and take over it for the sake of tourism.  We should all just take a few hours to rewatch Jaws 1 and 2…certainly not 3 because nobody cares about telepathic sharks, and just take some notes.  Maybe we should just call it as it is.  The Summer is practically over, so let’s just get our sweaters out and leave these sharks alone.

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