Man Says He Invented iPhone – Suing Apple for $10 Billion

Thomas Ross, A Florida man is now suing Apple for $10b. This is because Ross claims that he invented the iPhone, iPad, and iPod in 1992. Ross is arguing that apple infringed on his hand drawn electronic reading device (ERD) shown below.

IGN says: Ross says he worked on the design for over a year before filing a patent in November 1992. “I would be at home wanting to read books and it dawned on me that it would be nice to have a device aggregating different functions. It was somewhat cumbersome to carry around different devices for different purposes – the trend at the time,” he said.


How I feel about it:

Thomas Ross can shove it. Look at that shitty drawing. If anything it looks like a T-Mobile sidekick. You’re going to sue that? And why is Mr. Ross just coming around now? Where have you been this decade? He claims that he never did anything legal sided for his ERD because he didn’t have the funds and never got to pitch to investors because he “was a quiet man”. What a pussy.

At the same time I kind of hope that he wins the 10 bil.  I don’t know why but it is a love hate relationship with Thomas Ross right now. I always root for the under dog.



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