Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Official Reveal Trailer Is Here! #N7Day

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Coming Spring 2017. The journey to Andromeda begins now. Navigate the uncharted reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy to unravel its mysteries, discover vivid alien worlds, and lead the charge to find a new home among the stars. How far will you go to become humanity’s hero? -Mass Effect on YouTube

Trailer first, thoughts after. Enjoy.

My thoughts? Three words.

Yep. That about sums is up. Bioware usually hits us with an absolute heat rock for N7 Day, and this year is no different. In this trailer, we get a first look at the perils we’ll be facing in Andromeda, and the people we’ll be facing them with. So far, I noticed an Asari (clearly a party member) and a Salarian (riiiiiight at the end) in this trailer, but GameSpot also says we might see a Krogan as well.

My biggest question about Andromeda so far is – when does it take place? The narrator from the “Andromeda Initiative” trailer says that the future “begins 600 years from where we stand, in a time and a place among unknown stars and unseen dangers”. Originally, me and everybody else I’ve spoken to interpreted this as the narrator implying that this game takes place 600 years after the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy… However, the character narrating this new trailer (possibly Ryder, AKA the protagonist, AKA you) mentions that “we slept for hundreds of years, dreaming of a new home”. Does this mean that the journey itself took 600 years? Bioware has already said that the new Mass Effect will take place far enough away from the originals that your “big” choices would impact the game, but if that’s the case, Andromeda’s timeline has to be at least a grand total of a millennium (including the 600-year commute to the Andromeda galaxy) removed from the original trilogy, right? I still have my doubts, especially since the weapons, ships, and armor all looks identical to the tech we saw in the last few games… But we’ll have to wait for more teasers from Bioware to know for sure.

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