NES Classic Edition Will Support Your Old Ass NES Controllers Too

Were you looking at our amazing preview blog of the NES Classic Edition and thinking to yourself… “Hey… I’ve got some 31-year old controllers that I’d REALLY love to use again”? Good news! Accessory company “Hyperkin” will be releasing a 6-inch, $10 adapter later this month that’ll allow you to do just that.

The adapter will also let you connect your NES controllers to your Wii U or Wii for use with the Virtual Console, which is pretty dope. The adapter works with every other controller/accessory that went through the controller port for the original NES, and it looks like this:

Would it really be a Nintendo console without an adapter at launch?

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, there’s also going to be an extension cord (for $8), which’ll grant you 6 extra feet to your controller. Haha, remember having to worry about wires, guys? It’s part of the fun! Both accessories are currently slated to ship on 11/28, just a little while after the NES Classic’s release date this week. You can pre-order your NES Classic Edition adapters at Hyperkin‘s official website.

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