Streamer’s Reaction To Limit Maximum’s Undercover Raid Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week

Every so often, we get a beautiful story that spawns from MMOs or games with similarly large player bases and social components.

We’ve all seen the stories of couples in a long distance relationships via the game getting married, or maybe longtime gaming buddies finally meeting in person – but how about one of the best raid leaders in the game absolutely blowing up a smaller streamer’s Twitch just because he feels like it?

That’s exactly what Maximum, raid leader for back-to-back Raid World First guild Complexity Limit, did last week.

Shadowlands’ pugging system isn’t perfect, but it can often help folks who aren’t in raiding guilds actually try their hands at the game’s highest level content. It can be ruthless, cutthroat, and downright heartbreaking – but sometimes that persistence pays off.

In this case, streamer TheOnlyWai‘s group got a pretty amazing payoff to said persistence when “Bonebaby” (the undercover character of Limit Maximum) hopped in to lend a hand with their kill of Heroic Sire Denathrius.

You absolutely love to see this, and I hope Max continues putting out wholesome content like this in the future.

Papa Dom

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