Murder Everything (Including Office Productivity) With DUSK On Your Mac

A couple years ago, I had a quick little preview up here about a little game called DUSK, because the trailer literally rocked by balls off. Fast forward to this month, and hey! DUSK is on Mac!

I know, I know – I can ALREADY hear the chirping now, “Mac gaming LUL” “buy a PC dipshit” “Macs trash POG”, etc etc etc. I’m not the PC guy over here at WGG World Domination HQ, for that you can refer to any of our 6 trillion other blogs. Oh, and DUSK is on PC as well, so this might even apply to you if you’re still reading.

Anyway, DUSK is on Mac now, and I’m hesitant to tell anybody else at my 9-5, because something tells me office productivity will absolutely nosedive once word gets around. Why, you ask, should DUSK make any more or less of an impact now that it’s on Mac? Because it’s just as fast, fun, and satisfying in short bursts as it is for long play sessions. Hitting a wall? Need to stretch the metaphorical legs a bit? Tab over to Steam, crack DUSK open, shoot some shit, and come back when you’re done or dead.

Another great thing about DUSK is that it’s not demanding graphically, which means Paul with his MacBook Air and Jim with his ThinkPad are both capable of getting in on the pixelated slaughtery goodness all the same. DUSK’ll set you back $20 to get in on it as well – and as someone who relies on Macs to keep me paid and games to keep me sane, I can tell you that it’s well worth it. Go throw your money at the good folks at New Blood Interactive and tell ’em your boi Papa Dom sent you.

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